FACEBOOK page submitted from an outside source. 
We are pleased to post it here with their information. 

 We are here to warn the sheep and lambs about Amightywind and their false prophet Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah Nikomia aka Sherrie Elisabeth Sobcjak/Hellum who believes she is the "Elijah Of New" who are wolves in sheep clothing. Amightywind is a dangerous Conspiratorial Neo-Kabbalahic Gnosticism Rooted in Ancient Astarte worship. It's not Christianity. They practice witchcraft and kabbalah. All the 
members have Elisabeth's pic in every room of their homes and they also have pics of all their enemies to do war dances, pray curses, and pray for their deaths. Elisabeth has broken up marriages, cut members off from their families, etc.

Whenever you see a video on YouTube critiquing the Amightywind Cult, it is false flagged due to the men and women in this evil cult that desire to suppress the truth and prevent people from being WARNED against the evils being carried out by the Amightywind Cult.

If you have been involved with AMW and would like to share your story or any information, you can post it on the wall or you can send a message here or contact us by regular email at amightycult@yahoo.com. We will anonymously post it for you.

DISCLAIMER: This page is not intended for slander, libel, and defamation. This is only a gripe page. We are only exposing the truth about a dangerous cult.
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